We put EXTRA in the Ordinary.

We are a company that differentiates itself from a typical distributor in Singapore. Here is what sets us apart.


We want to become true partners with our customers - we do not focus only on revenue and profit. Our goal is to always be fair, to recommend the most appropriate products, to have a pricing strategy in line with market practices and to maintain a parity between prices for different customers.


We are a small company with a BIG focus on what we do. We always go the extra mile to serve our customers better and cater to their individual needs. Our product portfolio is built such that there is breadth of products, and yet we are still able to maintain a high level of product competency, support and inventory.

Team of Professionals

We do not have the best people in the industry in our team, but we have the people who are the most committed! Our team of 14 people includes Engineers, Lab Technologist, Sonographer & Nurse. 10 of the 14 team members are Degree holders. We pride ourselves in the low staff turnover, with 8 of the team members having worked with the company between 10 and 15 years each. And we only recruit people who have a strong customer service mind-set, regardless of the position they work in. Our recent certification as a Great Place to Work only confirms what we already knew and always strived to be โ€“ an exceptional workplace with a family like culture.

Revolutionary Products

All of our carefully-chosen products are from the advanced markets of Europe and USA. Besides traditional products that are amongst the best in the world, our portfolio also includes new disruptive technology products. Keeping in line with our company slogan โ€œLinking you to Healthcare Innovationsโ€, we continuously introduce new technology products to the market.

After-Sales Service

Since 2015, more than 70% of our customers who experienced our after-sales service have scored us as Excellent. We believe that great service is key to lowering our selling costs and increasing our growth. Therefore, we never lose sight of this important factor. The vast number of repeat orders that we receive from our customers is testimony to the quality of our service.