Vision, Mission, Quality Policy & WSH Policy Statement

Our Vision

To improve the diagnosis and treatment capabilities of healthcare professionals in our community

Our Mission

To be the most preferred distributor of medical equipment and laboratory supplies in Singapore. We will realise this mission through partnerships with world renowned manufacturers of state of the art equipment and supplies. We strive to deliver the highest standards in service, integrity and productivity while maintaining consistent growth and profits.

Quality Policy

Fortuna Scientific is committed to providing good quality products and services in the field of medical equipment and laboratory supplies. We are passionate about customer satisfaction and we will always make the best effort to:

    • Meet or exceed our customers' expectations with respect to products, price, technical support, customer service and delivery period
    • Monitor and adapt our internal processes to suit the needs of the changing business environment
    • Continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.
    • Strictly comply with the local regulatory requirements
    • Demonstrate Honesty and Integrity in all that we do

WSH Policy Statement

Fortuna Scientific is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all in our workplace. We will strictly comply with all legislations related to workplace health and safety that govern us. We will review on a yearly basis all aspects concerning safety and implement new safe practises as needed.

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