• MRI compatible multi-parameter Patient Monitor
  • Includes ECG, Non-Invasive blood pressure and SpO2 monitoring
  • Optional parameters include CO2, Invasive Blood Pressure (x2), Temperature (x2) and Anesthesia Gases
  • 15-inch touch screen colour display

  • Up to 6 waveforms and 4 numerics can be displayed simultaneously on the main screen
  • Advanced Digital ECG Gradient Filter
  • Has network capabilities (Ethernet, RS232) and can be integrated into the hospital network
  • Up to 8 hours of trend memory, transferrable via USB interface or printed directly
  • Optional Full Function Remote Monitor, using combination of wireless and fiber optic technology
  • Equipped with gating interface (only for Siemens MRI Scanners)
  • A product of MIPM, Germany


Tesla M3 and all accessories are approved for a magnetic field strength of up to 3 Tesla.