• Biphasic AED with or without Manual override option
  • Shock energy up to 360 Joules
  • Large colour display 5.7″
  • Universal AED algorithm for adult and paediatric patients
  • Status indicator always visible, even with the equipment switched off and without power supply
  • Automatic daily self-tests ensures the device is always ready for use
  • CPR guidance according to international protocols
  • USB connection
  • Rugged and compact design for use in any environment
  • User-friendly and very intuitive to use
  • Optional monitoring capability (3-lead ECG)
  • Non-rechargeable battery. Rechargeable battery available as option
  • Optional ECG waveform on screen
  • REANIBEX Data Manager: PC Software Application for managing the information recorded by the device
  • 5 years warranty