• Colour Display
  • Capability to monitor maternal parameters in addition to fetal parameters. Maternal parameters monitored are ECG, BP and Pulse Oximetry.
  • Optional unique โ€˜Spectra Alertsโ€™ feature
  • Maternal Vital Signs history

  • Smart BP automatically delays BP measurements during contractions
  • Heart Beat Coincidence Recognition
  • Heart Rate Offset mode
  • Twin monitoring, IUP and FECG are standard features
  • Song Player to celebrate the birth
  • ChartLight feature, allows the clinician to easily read the fetal strip
  • 9 Crystal Watertight Ultrasound Transducer: 9 crystals minimise the need for repositioning
  • Watertight flat surface Toco Transducer: Flat surface, no protruding button, reduces discomfort for the patient
  • Optional Maternal Temperature Monitoring
  • Optional Fetal Movement Detection Algorithm
  • Optional Trolley


Model 256cx: Excludes Maternal monitoring
Model 259cx: Includes Maternal monitoring